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    I got an MP3 player from ToysRUs last year via HUKD. It was a Typhoon "My DJ". It's the same shape as an iPod and everything but it's a cheap make. It was 20GB and cost £100. Mine has now borken and so I need a new one!! I know you can't really get that size of MP3 player for that price again, but does anybody have any reccommendations about the one I should go for, also taking the price into account...

    I'd quite like an iPod because I like the accessories you can get for it, such as the FM aerial you can get to broadcast your iPod music short distances to your car radio.

    I liked the iPod minis, but apparantly they don't make them any more!! Does this mean that there's cheap ones lying about in some stores or that the prices of the larger capacity iPods are coming down??

    I don't mind what make of player it is, but as I've said - the iPod is preferable.

    I'm willing to spend £100 and will stretch to about £130 if need be.

    Thanks guys!!


    Ipod mini was only around 5gb, what size are you actually after?

    This is the one I have…204

    Ok the model's old now but the player still surpases most current MP3 players in terms of sound quality, ease of use and features.

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    Ipod mini was only around 5gb, what size are you actually after?

    I don't mind. It has to be more than 4GB, but the bigger the better. I like the iPod quite a lot, so are there any good deals on iPods at the moment??


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    That looks good. I've given you some karma.

    Would it be worth waiting to see if an offer appears on a larger storage iPod do you reckon, or is that probably not too likely??

    ducky. i had a similar one to that creative zen micro (older model). It was really good - why I choose it over the iPod was because of the removable battery. When it starts to get a bit dodgy with the length of charge, you can easily replace the battery with a new one, wheras you cannot do this with an iPod. Dunno if that matters to you or not...

    The iriver H10 series might be worth looking at, I think they come in 6gb, 10gb and 20gb sizes. This seems like a good deal on ebay if it's an option.

    This site is a really good place to see what other iriver users have to say on players, eg problems, tweaks, fixes, reviews.

    mod edit: sorry but removed eBay auction link

    sorry, didn't realise.

    The 30gb is a fantastic machine! Playing videos as well as photos and music. In my opinion you cant beat the real IPOD although I know other people may say differently! It's £219 at but use code : JKLT53 for £20 off. It's also free delivery. Go through Quidco first to get back a further £9 back. If you collect the boots points they're worth £26.28 (2628 points) on this purchase. Making the 30gb 163.72 - not a bad price at all! Hope this helps.

    Of course, it's only that many boots points over this weekend (april 28-30) online. after that it'll only be about £9 of points back.

    This is easily the best deal you'll get ducky. Take the plunge, say yes to life…tml

    well you could always get this (with 5% off through Quidco)…htm

    ps, thx for the karma

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    I got the one from the link. 30GB video iPod in black for £170.

    Will leave karma for you all tomorrow.

    I bought myself a 20Gb Cowon IAudio MP3 player, and as of yet have had no problems with it, personally i think it is better than an ipod.

    the best mp3 player i think is the cowon iaudio x5l series it has a wopping 35 hour battery life and has a titanium body. look at the mp3 player and specs u will be amazed. i think it is a ipod killer. this is the best price i could find: ]http//ww…_Id
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