iPod Touch 16gb Price......

    Hi all,

    How much are the 16GB iPod Touch's going for (2nd hand) ? It's 1st Gen on v2.1, so can be Jailbroken apparently.

    Getting a 16GB iPhone from work for nowt, so dont need the iPod Touch anymore.....


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    about 140 i would guess.

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    Cheers for that, Ebay isn't much help, only 3 on there with a 1st Gen 16GB iTouch, 1 is £150 delivered, the others are around £180-£190.

    Might sell it through HUKD, so just gauging a price 1st

    With iPods though, the 2nd hand cost always depends on the condition. If the condition of yours is near perfect then you may get £170

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    Cheers for that Matt, It's in good condition, screen is 100% perfect, but few scraches on the back of the chrome.

    Gives me something to work with then

    Interested in an 80GB Video 5.5 + £40 ?


    Interested in an 80GB Video 5.5 + £40 ?

    No offers in here. Any offers must be posted if op opens a fs/ft thread. Any other posts of a similar nature will be reported:)
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