iPod Touch 2nd Gen Help Needed

    Hey kiddies - bought a 32GB touch to replace my 80GB classic but the wall charger i have doesnt work.

    any idea whether this and my data cable will?…tml



    it depends on if you have the USB cable tu the ipod touch
    if you got that then it works

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    cheers brawlzzz - i have a couple of usb-type chargers but none seem to work - even with the cable supplied with my touch

    have you tried presing the home button when they are connected as sometimes my touch dosent start chaging until i turn it on.

    where did you buy the wall charger from? ive had a few off ebay, 1p free postage from china and none have worked charging my itouch even though the listing states it does. But it charges my sisters nano so it could be if there cheap, not sure

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    i know apple changed the dock connector on the new nano and touch and i assume iphone 3G. The wall charger i have is a gear4 model im sure - bought from dixons a cpl of years back.

    cant be arsed ordering it and it not working and having the hassle of returning it to be honest.

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    will try the home button master - cheers for the tip
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