Ipod Touch 3rd Generation?

    So I was seconds away from buying an Ipod Touch 2nd Generation using my moms card on thursday for my 18th birthday when my dad asked me if i would be annoyed if they brought out another one a month later, I said no but he still got me to check if their was a new one coming out in september and it seems there is and it seems that im now going to wait till after my birthday to get the 3rd Gen.

    The 3rd gen is rumoured to have a camera on it and also a microphone ( Yes does seem slightly Iphoney to me as well! )

    Think its worth waiting? Prices are apparantly going to be the same, but apparantly double the storage space, so no more 8gb, it will be 16, 32, 64.

    What are your views? and anyone heard anything else?


    Camera is a big rumour. But i doubt it will have a microphone. GPS maybe

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    GPS would be handy for when i get a car in a few months ( after i start to learn to drive :P )

    But would much prefer some GPRS or any other way of connecting to the net with out wi-fi :P Its a shame i cant afford the £30ish a month for an Iphone, that would be my dream phone! lol

    Camera is a big rumour, Chinese making the cases for them ( another ps3 slim "slip"?) but would be pretty easy to do as they can just use the Camera software on the iphone.

    If there is a microphone on it, then that will bring in a few new apps such as Skype to the ipod, which would be quite awesome.

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    If there is a 3rd Gen coming out, think it would be same prices as 2nd gen? and 2nd gens prices would drop? Not sure what happened to 1st gen when 2nd came out, I've only just recently really being looking at the touches, although I've wanted one for a while.

    Rumour ]here:thumbsup:

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    Havent read that one yet! cheers!

    Anyone think that they will add a mic and camera?
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