Ipod Touch 8GB

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Found 24th Apr 2010

I'm in the market for a new Ipod Touch 8GB. The cheapest supplier I can find is Very for £122.95 delivered (after using the ZZ450 '£30 off a £60' spend voucher).

Is this the cheapest price available at the moment?

Many thanks!


In a nutshell, yes this is the cheapest by far.

Word of warning on using the codes for any shop direct company such as Very. they can and often do charge you the full price of the product first then credit the voucher value back to your card. Dont be surprised however if they dont do this as they have a habit of not honouring vouchers.

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Thanks for the information. I may just take a gamble with Very then. Hopefully if they do not honour the voucher I can get a full refund or something.

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