Ipod Touch 8gb and 16gb

    Havn't decided which size to get yet.

    What is the cheapest i can get either Ipod Touch.

    Is there any voucher codes to bring the price down?

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    I think amazon are one of the cheapest new £152 for a 8gb, but if your happy with a refurb they have them at for £124 for 8gb and £164 for 16gb which is not bad. I have never used the site myself but seems its posted quite a lot on here so guess its ok, note only a 90 day warranty

    Also Argos Additions may be worth a look, if your a new customer i think you can get £30 off if spend more than £60 plus 8% quidco i think. They start at £169 for 8gb so would be £130ish new or £219 for 16gb so would be £180 ish new i guess…ct/
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