Ipod touch 8gb and PS3 Move Starter pack

I just wanted to know how much roughly an 8gb Ipod Touch costs as my sister has one and I think she doesnt mind me selling it but I just wanted to know the average price as I dont use it much only on long journey's when I really need it but it doesnt have Wifi and it isnt the latest one. I mainly use it to watch video's, listen to tracks and the wide range of apps.

Got a PS3 move starter pack with my bundle for Christmas but I havent even used it, its still sealed as I only play Fifa 11 and COD which doesnt really invovle a move. How much do they usually go for?

All help appreciated!

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They all have wifi.

Yeah but this one isnt working dont know why it probably could be fix but im not the man for that job, I cant be asked.
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