iPod Touch 8GB (cheaper after Xmas?)

    I really want to buy an iPod Touch with the money I got for Christmas, but there don't seem to be any discounts. Does anyone know of anything cheap?

    Otherwise, I am waiting for one to appear in the Apple refurbished section - how long would you expect me to have to wait for this to happen?


    You and me both, just looking around for one now, cheapest is just over £150 i found one for, was hoping to bag one in the sales!

    Yeah, I hope they come down in price as well or someone offers a good deal on them. Best one I seen was the Currys deal a few weeks back where you got the 2nd Gen Touch 8GB + £25 iTunes voucher for £165 or used the voucher discount and got it for £147.

    I'm hoping they come down to around the £100 - £125 range.

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    I am waiting for a refurb if all else fails.
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