iPod Touch 8gb Problem Help Please

    Hi im buying a ipod touch 8gb from the forums and the seller has advertised it as the newest on the market. Once I type the serial number in and click to add more coverage it shows it as a 2nd gen. Iv been told by alot of people the newest versions of the 8gb is the 3rd.

    Is this right ?


    you can get a 8gb nano 5th has a camera on it tho...what sort of ipod is it?

    Original Poster

    Sorry forgot to add 8gb touch to title.


    Sorry forgot to add 8gb touch to title.

    oh right...well according to google and the apple store…uch the 3rd gen does come in an 8gb id clarify with the seller before payment,sounds like he's telling a pork pie:thumbsup::whistling:

    the latest 8gb is not 3g. its the same as the 2nd gen but its just marketing differently. i got one 2 weeks ago.

    the only actual 3g ones are the 32gb and 64gb

    although the newest 8gb is still a '2ng gen' it is being listed on sites like as 3g so...
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