iPod Touch Battery

    How long should it last off a full charge?

    Mine seems woeful - especially if I am using the wifi


    Only 3 or 4 hours if your watching things on the ipod,using wifi etc.
    Playing music a good 8 hours or so.

    Mine runs out really quickly if i am using the wifi, last quite a bit if im just listening to music though

    yeah the battery isn't brilliant. Just make sure you do things like turn off wifi when you're not using it. There should be a guide somewhere on the internet that will give tips on how to save battery

    turn off wifi if your not using it. dont have brightness on full either.

    the other day i was listening to it at work for about 4 hours ( I am allowed) i then got home and forgot to turn it off and didnt notice till midday the next day so it easily played for over 24hours and still had a fair bit of battery (this was at about half volume i think)

    also, leave it on overnight. Turning it on and off wastes a lot of power
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