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    Got a faulty iPod touch on ebay (outrageous bargain in the end). Fault turned out to be he hadn't connected the digitiser to the ipod circutboard. Anyway, while the whole thing works absolutely fine, the battery life drains quite quick over a day, even when it's not used. What's normal on these (2nd gen 16gb), and/or how much do people pay on the high street for battery replacements with fitting? Would do it but would be the soldering with be rubbish!


    my 2g 16gb uses a charge in a day easily. but then i'm constantly on wifi and listening to music whilst using it as an ebook. but if i turn the screen off and just listen to music it will last all day and all night.

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    cheers, in fairness i'm guessing the wifi does use it up! I used it a good 2 and a half hours this morning, apps, music, wifi and it had about quarter left. So maybe it's not all bad!
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