ipod touch broken glass, help :)

    long story short, a family member was knocked off her bike, all do she is fine, the glass on her ipod seems to have cracked (see picture below)

    now the touch screen still works etc

    does anyone no what will need to be replaced, is it just the outer glass ?

    i want to get this done for her as a suprise as the poor sod is stucked in bed with a broken leg and she seems more upset with her ipod being broken there her injury's lol


    Original Poster

    Original Poster

    the touch screen is fully working and the ipod can still be fully used

    is it a first or second gen?
    difference is:
    1st is squarish
    2nd is nice round back?

    She was knocked off her bike?

    Did she get a number? does she know who was responsible?

    Sounds like she might just have a claim

    fleebay item number: 260653420881…zuU

    £10 and abit of patience

    i have same prob except my screen underneath the smashed screen is just plain white when i switch it on. if i plug it into itunes allthe info comes up fine. its a 2nd gen. any advice ?

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    fluffykins, dont think she was innocent think both people where not really keeping an eye on the road, ollie321 cheers m8
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