ipod touch clone info please.

I've been asked to get a "cheap" ipod touch for a rellies daughter or something similar.

Now I don't think there is such a thing as a cheap apple product but here's looking.

On ebay I found hundreds of looky - likeys from Hong Kong.

Has anyone got one of these and know how good, bad or indifferent they are.

It's only for a kid so I'm not expecting it to be fabulous just functional would suffice.

Many thanks



They might look the same, but they wont be!

Are they similar to the cheapo phones they have on [url]www.dealextreme.com[/url] ?

don't know what your budget is, but you could get something like this ebuyer.com/pro…ews

touch screen, uk delivery times (a lot of dodgy HK ebayers will only give a partial refund if there is a problem) in my experience a pretty good return service if there is a fault, (next day citylink) also has a radio if you get bored of songs stored

Original Poster

Thanks for the replies.

I realise they won't be half as good as the ipod but they cost half the price, that's the payoff.

I am not paying for it, just buying it - if that makes sense!

The ebuyer one looks very similar to the ones I have looked at but with smaller memory and I agree about the advantages of buying from a real company in the UK.
Dealxtreme have this one dealextreme.com/det…317 which gets relatively good reviews or the one I found on ebay is a Onda vx787 which has a few reviews on youtube, like uk.youtube.com/wat…Zg4



I absolutely guarantee you they will be dreadul. My girlfriend bough a Knock-Off Nigel iPhone from DealExtreme and it was terrible, pretty much unusable.

Why not buy a used iPod Touch off Ebay? Or wait until after Christmas for the sales? It's not like you're going to get it delivered before tomorrow anyway!

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Thanks Dan, hadn't considered secondhand but will ask B-in-L
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