ipod touch colour help

    had my touch just over a month now and didnt think anything of it but downloaded trivial pursuit yesterday but i only seem to have 4 colours ones a bluish ,red brown and grey
    dont seem to have any oranges or greens (this is on the whole ipod touch)
    is there a settings i can change this at all


    so are you saying your touch only displays the colours blue red brown and grey?!

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    yep thats all and whitish
    i didnt think anything of it coz i only really use email

    hmmmm, this doesn't sound right at all, any chance you can post a picture?! As far as i am aware there are no colour change options on the ipod touch, so if you can only see those colours....... we may have a problem!

    pic would be good though

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    It doesnt look right to me....... i could be wrong, i can't see the first pic though, colours look a bit dull but that may be the photo, where did you buy it from!? and do you live anywhere near an apple shop? When you buy the ipod it sometimes comes with a cover on to show to what the screen should look like ( without having to turn it on if you get me) or like the inserts that are put in cases you can buy to show what it should look like, if this isn't the case and your ipod doesn't show these colours take it back and swap it for a new one


    It should look like this colour wise


    ] … ] should look like this colour wise

    Looks magnetised :w00t: You should have 1 years warranty check out on the website using your serial number :thumbsup:

    Hmm it looks like Its been negatived

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    thanks all after an hour on the phone need to go to apple store to get it fixed
    rep on the way
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