ipod touch docking station under £150

    whitch is the best docking station for sound quality and style looking at the bose one but not sure if i am just paying for the name cheers


    the gear4 bassbox tesco are doing on offer for 39.14 is utterly amazing! 40watts -got mine yesterday-put my ipod touch in and the sound is incredible! bargain of the century.

    the bose is supposed to be really good but its a lot more money for the name and build quality.

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    cheers mate will have a look today

    I've just got the Sony BX70?? 50watts with dab radio and alarm clock etc £120

    Sound was very good and loud - well I was pls with it. Sister wasn't as it was for my niece. Life

    Still think Ipod is a rip off but there you go. £38 £54 both & delivery

    try this. ]Klipsch SXT £70 amazon

    try this ]Klipsch sxt £70 at amazon. Amazing sound. A third of the price of Bose. Read the reviews…gle

    Out of stock online but go instore. Got this for someone at christmas and its simplly BRILLIANT. Cheap price aswell.

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