Ipod touch features...can i clarify i understand please/

Found 9th Nov 2009
Hi my son wants an ipod touch for Christmas but can i clarify what it will do. He uses my partners iphone at the moment and i want to check i understand the difference.
I think the ipod touch will....
Be like a normal ipod for music video etc off itunes or elsewhere.
He should be able to download games that we have on the iphone
I think because it is wifi he will be able to look on the internet whilst he is in the house....
Will not be able to email or text as it isnt a phone....
Can someone tell me if i have this right or wrong..the main thing i am not sure of is whether he will be able to look on the internet....i think he will be able to whilst he is connected to the wifi at home but wont be able to whilst we are out in the car etc.
Thanks...would hate to get it and it turn out to not do what we think.
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ipod touch has the same features as iphone except that it can't make calls. It can use the Internet via wireless and email too.
yes your mostly right.

should be able to get the games and stuff you got on the iphone as long as its registered to the same itunes account.
can get email working on it too, as long as you get wifi .
Thanks appreciate you taking your time to answer. Rep given.
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