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    Just bought an Ipod touch for my son. Have had lots of probs with my Ipod and it syncing when I don't want it to and wiping the ipod library. Can you have more than one Ipod using iTunes on one computer??


    Read up on the internet or contact apple support.

    Wrong area to post (_;)

    Connect the Ipod to your computer.
    Open iTunes.
    Select the iPod in the Devices list.
    Click the Summary tab and select "Manually manage music and videos".
    Click Apply.

    Now when you connect the Ipod it won't automatically synch your music/videos from your library.
    You can simply open the album etc folder and drag the songs or whole album across to itunes in to the music section while your Ipod is connected and it will copy the music.
    Hope that helps

    Yes you can have more than one connected to the same pc. You just have to authorise the PC for both ipods, make sure they are set up and named differently and make sure you choose not to automatically sync everything so that you can choose what you put on each ipod.
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