ipod touch help pls

    hi i just bought ipod touch for my daughter. can anyone help me and tell me how can i downlod songs from my library. i don't want to pay any money to itunes. is there any way if i can download games and songs for her.
    thanks in advance


    download music and then add them to itunes. then sync it.
    if you want free games i suspect you'll have to jailbreak it.

    Are these songs in your library purchased from Itunes or are they just Mp3's you have?

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    they just mp3s

    On itunes click : File (top left) then select add file to library, browse where your mp3's are and select which one you want to add, repeat for each file ( or folder) then plug your ipod into your pc to sync the songs onto it

    Install itunes then transfer the music you've already got on your computer to itunes then it can be very easily transferred to her itouch. Itunes talks you through this and its quite easy to do - if I can do it then anyone can!!

    go to itunes, file/ add folder( or file)
    then they should load up into your itunes library.

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    thanks all. i did that!!!!

    If you want games go the the app store on your ipod (the bottom left icon above music) you can select the games category and there is the option along the top in the middle to look at free apps that meet your criteria. I have found loads of things here, alot of them are demos, but some are complete games and even some of the demos (or Lite versions) are really good.

    You can also use the same method for downloading other free applications, just choose the category and follow the steps above. :thumbsup:
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