iPod touch help (removable disk)?

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Found 28th Aug 2008
Hey dudes/dudettes,

Ive got my mates ipod touch here i jailbroke it for him, hes got a few of good tunes on it, How do i take them off as it doesnt show up on my computer as a removable disk , I tried a app called dropcopy, This was no good due to only getting 40 tracks of it as it was a evaluation trial..
Is there any other apps/freeware?


if you want to take all the songs off: do a full restore. Wipes the iPod of everything i think. Should work. But wait till you get a few more posts because i may be wrong

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oh lol , I wrote it wrong... I want to take them of and save to my drive, so i can transfer to my iphone 3g and my n95..

ohhhhhhhhhhh...... :oops: I dont think Apple let you do that, but again i could be wrong. Most likely im right but still check

Try a programme called media monkey (google it) Its free and copies the content of your ipod onto your hard drive and allows you to put some or all onto another mp3 or ipod. I bought a new 30 gb ipod to replace my constantly full 8gb and just copied all my old stuff onto the new one. Great program. Hope it works for you.

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Pod … Pod Playerhttp://www.ipodsoft.com/site/pmwiki.php?n=podplayer.HomepageDoes it all, doesn't even need installing can run it off the ipod itself if you want.

I tried installing it says ipod not recognized in my computer etc..? Help!!:oops:

The iPod touch can not be made to show up as a removable drive.

I also think that very little apps work with it now cos the itunes database is encrypted in a new way.

It may be different now, but thats what i found out when i looked into it 6 months ago.
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