iPod Touch / iTunes - advice needed please.

    I bought my son one of the 16gb iPod Touch on the Argos mega deal last week. I already own one and have several games and apps on mine which I purchased from iTunes which appear in my iTunes library (as confirmed purchases). Will I be able to load these onto the new iPod when I initially register it on my pc via iTunes ? I can probably anticipate the answer as being "no" and there'll be some small print saying that each purchase is for use on only one iPod, but if anyone knows any different please let me know ? Thanks.


    All my apps and games get synced between my iPhone and iPod Touch with no problems. But its using the same itunes account.

    i had to restart my laptop and had probs ...i think you might be able to save all your music to a file then import it to your new ipod.....worth a wasn't letting me import the purchased on my ipod but it was already on ipod itself...good luck anyhow and if you recommend a friend you get a $50 bonus! The tracks are MUCH cheaper than itunes and I have been using for months with no problems at all!!!
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