Ipod Touch Jailbreak Help ??

    Hi all,

    I have an Itouch 16GB firmware 2.1, and I'm trying to Jailbreak it (v2.1).

    I'm using Quickpwn (modified morphey version), and every guide I've read or watched on YouTube seems easy enough, but my Ipod isn't playing.

    I have synced it with iTunes, opened Quickpwn, select the Itouch figure, select my firmware (both of which give me the green tick), then choose Cylia & installer.

    The next screen should go through the steps of button presses to jailbreak, but mine gets stuck on the 1st step "wait for your ipod to connect in recovery mode". The thing is, it does connect in recovery mode (usb lead & the CD pic), but Quickpwn does not move onto step 2, it just hangs............

    I then need to recover the iPod to get it working again.

    I've seen a load of people have this problem on the net, but not found a solution

    Any help appreciated............


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    Just to say, it's a 1st Gen Touch

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    Anyone ?

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    Last bump before I give up !

    Yep I'm pretty confused with this jailbreak aswell:?
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