Ipod Touch picture behind apps

    Rather than thread hi-jack, can anyone tell me how i get a picture behind my apps like this one :…60/

    I have a 2nd gen ipod 8gb, just looked at version and it says 4.0 so i guess i am using IOS4 ? But when i click a picture the only option is email or save as wallpaper, and the only time i see the pic is when i have to unlock ipodm i would like it behind my apps if possible


    Let's keep it short. You can't.

    Just to add. I believe you can do it on iPhone and the 16gb and 32gb 3G iPod Touch. Or you can jailbreak your current iPod. The reason for it not being brought to all models was that they thought that it caused the device to not run smoothly.
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    Original Poster how come he can

    You can only do it on 3rd Gen unless you jailbreak your device.

    Original Poster

    Ah, thats why, thanks will have a look into jailbreaking
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