Ipod touch query....

Ok does anyone know if i can just transfer a film on dvd onto the ipod?
is it easy to do?
how do i transfer music that iv got on cd's

and lastly, where do you get the games like the the one where you shake the dice like Yatzee lol

thanks for any help folks


For CD's you should just rip them into itunes and then sync onto the ipod.

Games are available from the itunes tore and should just copy over once you have paid ofr them.

dvds will need to be ripped then converted to mp4

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hmmm how do you rip them? do you use something to rip them

does anyone have a simple to use program lol

That is pretty much the case (what the other two have said abve) I can't really add anymore - I am doing just that very thing at this moment with mine...... It is fairly simple and straight forward. Also on the Apple Store in the User Guide it tells you how to do it - although to be honest once you have the software on your comouter and connect it, it is all pretty straightforward.

Im telling you straight yeh its too much hassle ripping then converting. Id suggest you buy the moves off itunes OR do what i do download them of the net already converted to mp4.

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iv connected the ipod to the comp and its charging but all i can see is an icon that says its charging and a cd with a little music note in it.....

how do you switch it on lol
iv tried holding the button down at the top but it then says slide to switch off ..... hmmmm

open itunes and does it see your ipod on there?
If it does then thats good
For cd's put the music disc into your computer and a box should come up on itunes saying something about rip to itunes library. click yes and it shouldn't take long

For videos i suggest either buying a good dvd ripper off the internet or downloading a free one i think they have some on ]http//ww…com
If you buy them off itunes that has already been suggested then they will automatically be in your library ready to sync with your ipod. If not then once you've ripped the movie to your computer drag and drop into your itunes library and i think it converts it to mp4 format, if not once again download.com and grab a convertor.

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yeh thats it, got it all running now...even downloaded the new update

for £5.99 shocking eh, just for an update 2.1


yeh thats it, got it all running now...even downloaded the new update for … yeh thats it, got it all running now...even downloaded the new update for £5.99 shocking eh, just for an update 2.1

or you could've learnt reallly quickly how to hack it for free:whistling:

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dam lol

can anyone do the same for the games? im not paying £2.99 each for a game..

im after yahtzee lol

Use ]http//ww…od/ to convert your dvd's to ipod, very simple to use

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thanks everyone for the help

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ok iv downloaded bout 8 games but the pod only has the last one on the screen,...where are the rest of them lol

the games etc are in the applications folder on itunes but not on the ipod touch hmmmm

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its ok done it now lol
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