Ipod touch question?

    Mental block, or maybe a blonde moment!
    I have an ipod touch and I'm sure that since I got it I've used it without headphones to listen to my music, but when I tired it today it wouldn't work (I'm wondering if there's a fault).
    Does the ipod have this function, or have i been using hubby's iphone in the past to listen to music? (I did say it may be a blonde moment!)


    yes, it does of course =]

    looks like maybe there's a fault, perhaps try out other headphones?

    Turn the volume up.

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    it works fine with my headphones, I mean should it play without headphones?

    just playing music with the volume turned up and without headphones plugged in will make music come out of the speaker on the ipod itself.

    When you play games does the game sounds play?

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    Turn the volume up.

    Tried that, It does nothing.

    haha sorry, then no it doesnt have speakers integrated, only way to play through speakers is to connect it to a hifi or laptop speakers or such =]

    apparently unless it's 2nd or 3rd gen! edit

    The older itouch doesnt have external speakers

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    It's quite new, only bought in March this year.
    It's either 2nd or 3rd gen, but 8gb, so guessing it's 2nd.

    Have you tried rebooting it ?

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    I hadn't, but I have know!
    Its working again now, could it be a fault though?
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