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I am considering buying an ipod touch, and I wondered if there is a vast improvement in the 2nd generation ipod. Do they still selll 1st gen new anywhere?
If not, then whatis the cheapest place to get 8Gb new on the high street? is it worth getting a 16Gb. I only have about 2gb of songs max, but would like to put on some movies from DVDs and get lots of apps!

Thanks for the help, any answers would be appreciated



if you want dvds and apps on as well as music then your best getting the 16GB. i got the 8GB when it first came out but wish id spent the extra on a 16GB. Although i too don't have much music on, mostly videos.
Im fine with my 1st gen but after seeing the 2nd gen it does look much nicer/slimmer. And also you have the option of playing the music from the speakers. and supposedly the batterys better which would benefit you if you want to watch videos

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I can see why the 16 is better, but the price is £50/60 more on average. Its a shame there isn't a slot for a memory card but I suppose that would defeat the object of the higher storage ones.
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