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    Hi folks. I'm due an upgrade on my moby contract and was considering the Iphone. Got an ipod touch at the moment - can anyone advise if the iphone is similar to the touch only allowing you to make calls/text etc. Don't want to get the iphone if I going to be disappointed. Had upgraded to the Satio but only thing i liked about it was the camera. I know iphone not got nearly as good camera but Satio kept freezing and seemed to have a few glitches.


    I am sure I have hear tales of the ipod touch being turned into a iphone. Probably a load of ****

    I know the iPhone are slightly chunkier other than that there is no difference apparently. I'd definitely recommend having one best phone I've ever had.

    you will not be dissapointed with iphone infact you may start sleeping with it!!!!!!!!ha ha

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    Its between the iphone and the HTC HD2.......anybody got the HD2 and can comment on it please.

    I heard there is a signal problem with vodafone on the iphone - anybody heard of that

    i had a iphone for a year and whilst i loved it the battery life wasnt great and it was a pain having to charge it all the time. I only got rid of it as the home key failed 1 day out of warranty and they wouldnt repair it. Saying that the applications and features were excellent, just remember to take your charger with you.

    Ive also just bought the HDC HD2 and whilst it is a stunning phone, its not pick up play and you need to be a bit technical to understand the phone properly, it runs on windows 6.5 but it may well be future proof as when windows mobile 7 gets released hopefully you should be able to upgrade the software. Also rememvber that whilst windows 6.5 isnt great, the in house HTC Sensme software covers 95% of the windows up. Also the battery isnt great either BUT they are releasing an extended battery next month

    Id say having the HTC HD2 is like a mini laptop phone with windows, and the iphone is more fun but less customisable.

    Hope this helps, and i am going to send the HTC back (a bit too complicated for me) and go for the blackberry bold 9700.

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    O2 your more likely to get signal problems not vf ,don't get an hd2 … O2 your more likely to get signal problems not vf ,don't get an hd2 beleive me win mo is shocking just get an iPhone u won't be dissapointed

    Isn't W7 mobile being released soon?

    Edit: ]Yep

    I'm hoping that will greatly improve the HD2, then I'd consider getting one
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