ipod trouble

    just bought an ipod video 30gb, and i want to put some films on it but all my films are flv files, how do i convert them so they play on my ipod?
    any help greatly recieved


    google flv converter and there is loads of different apps.

    super convertoer is the best

    scroll right down to the bottom of this page and download the setup file.…tml

    best converter by far

    yup super all hte way.. !!! also as youve got a 30gb ipod.. have a look at "rockbox" as an alternative to the current firmware... u cann play games and read ebooks and stuff as well.!!and ts very easy to install

    Original Poster

    cheers, i will try rockbox and ill convert them files now :thumbsup:

    Please don't post in the for sale forum unless you are buying or selling, moved to misc now. Thanks.


    Videora is best

    [SIZE="3"]Videora is king, fast and simple[/SIZE]
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