Ipod USB Lead

    I have an 80gb 5th Generation ipod. My oh has a 80gb 6th Generation ipod. My OH's ipod was under the normal 12 month warranty but it's been returned 6 times so far ( warranty expires Dec 08). It's been returned for various different reasons, but the store say it might be due to using my 5th generation usb lead. I can't see that this would make any difference, but wondered if anyone knew any different? I'm constantly on edge now thinking it could crash at any time, and obviously if I need to buy a compatible lead then I will do, but when I went onto the Apple store it doesn't differentiate between the different ipod classics.
    Does anyone have a clue? Thanks in advance


    nope i dont think it has anything to do with the leads im using a 1st gen ipods lead on my iphone atm and seems fine?

    Hi. Dont know if this is any use to you but I was reading it earlier...…sic

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