ipod video 30gb deal please please

    anybody have any good deals on the 5th gen ipod 30gb video

    many thanks in advance



    Hurry up


    Hope that helps

    ebay links dont work...

    Original Poster

    any other links rather than ebay please.............................:roll:

    wait till later in the week and see what wednesdays announcement brings.


    ebay links dont work...

    Just replace the ******s with ebay:whistling:

    i think play have them for 149.99

    Original Poster

    thanks for help from every1 so far but...

    play outta stock ****** !!

    anybody else able to help ??

    Apple are having their big announcement conference thing in a few hours, just wait for them to show the new i pods because they will pretty much be launched immediately, and then the old ones will be even cheaper

    Original Poster

    so any news from apple yet on this annooucement ?

    am i gonna get a 5th gen ipod 30gb video for £15 and a packet of nik naks ?

    pmsl :giggle:

    yep lots of news! new models and pricing! ipod touch is the shizzle!
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