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Found 29th Jul 2006
Im after a ipod video player, i think for my sons birthday.

All i know is that he wants an mp3 player that plays videos. As you can see im totally clueless so could really do with some help from someone, as to what are the best ones.

Thanks Lisa
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The latest iPOD Video is simply the best sounding MP3 player that you can buy, although other brands are constantly improving and getting very close.

It came out late last year and was the first MP3 player (I believe) to include the video facility. There are 2 models - the 60GB version which holds up to 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos or 150 hours of video and the 30GB version (halve the previous figures).

The retail cost of the 60GB version is £299 and the 30GB version is £219. The only difference, apart from memory size, is that the 60GB one is 3mm thicker and the battery lasts for 20hrs on a single charge compared with 14hrs for the 30GB one.

If you hunt around though, at the moment you can find some exceptional deals on iPOD's. I recently purchased one from Dixon's via my EGG card website which currently gives you 10% cash back. There are also voucher codes for a 5% discount or £20 off a £200 spend (available under Vouchers).:thumbsup:

The Dixons prices are:
iPOD Video 30GB - £184.98 less 5% and 10% EGG cashback = £158.17
iPOD Video 60GB - £259.97 less £20 and 10% EGG cashback = £215.98

Alternatively there is also a 20% off code for John Lewis, if you dont have an EGG card.

Do you mind if I ask how old your son is ?
Does he have a SONY PSP as he might find this a more versatile option with the choice of playing games, videos and music. The screen is also far better than the iPOD, if video is the main reason your son wants one. The only downside is the fact that you have to purchase memory cards, although films are available by means of a small UMD disc.
The creative zen m vision is also a great video MP3 player.Better video quality and battery life than the ipod. Neither of these are that great for watching videos as the screen is very small. Great for storing all your music/photos on though. The video function is cool but not very practical.


Available for £219 from John Lewis, get 20% off with promo code disc2.

However there is the "IPOD cool factor", so if all your sons friends have ipods, he may not thank you for getting a different make.
Its for his 14th birthday and we were going to get him a psp but he doesnt want one. He wants to be "cool" like his mates.

Thanks a lot for that info. Just off to have a browse
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