iPod-Where do I start?

    Even after all these years I've never owned an iPod, in fact, never even used one. I've finally succumbed to the propoganda/monopoly and need advice.
    Where do I start? GB? Docks? Nano, shuffle etc... What's it all about?
    All good advice will receive rep, cheers.


    I'd have a look at your music on your computer and decide how many GBs you would like the ipod to have.
    Decide how much you want to spend.
    Decide if you would like to be able to play games/apps/videos.

    Docks - you need one USB port for any of the ipods.

    Shuffle - basic, no screen, small capacity.
    Nano - small size with small colour screen, now has camera, mid capacity. Can play music and videos (I think)
    Classic - larger size with large capacity and screen. Can play music and videos.
    Touch - size of iphone, mid capacity. Can play music, videos, apps, games, browse internet, receive emails etc. Battery life not as good as nano or classic.

    I would choose the ipod touch, for the functionality.

    Sickly sweet has summed it up nice there's literally an ipod for all occasions I have four, a 30gb video I use in my car a 2gb nano for the gym a 160gb ipod classic for holidays and an iphone for out and about. Probably overkill really as the years have gone by my collections increased.

    Your best bet if you dont want to spend alot and want a fair bit of storage with video capabilities is a 30gb 5th gen video off ebay for about £60 or if you want brand new you can get an 80gb classic for about £130 or a ]16gb Ipod Nano for £125

    If sound quality is a key factor do not dismiss the Sony Walkman series.

    Point above is very true, i own both the iphone and a walkman (A829-KB i think)
    I can say the walkman had better sound quality, but I just use the bluetooth headphones with them on the iphone now, functionality is so much easier. Great player though.

    Why have you "succumbed to the propaganda/monopoly"... just don't buy one if you don't want to. easy as that.

    Go buy a Creative Zen instead.

    i wouldnt have an ipod for free had one for 5 minutes once, took it back, couldnt do a ridiculously simple thing like put on a folder of fave tunes and play it ,theres way better players out there for less money :thumbsup:

    It all depends on what you want to use it for. I've got an 8gb nano, which I find brilliant for the gym, it allows you plenty of song choice while you're there and because it's small it fits easily in your pocket, or you can get these armband things to hold it. I'd guess the same could always be said for the shuffle, but with no screen you never know what songs are up next.

    The classic is good, with its' larger capacity, for listening to at work (if you can), when wandering round town, on holidays/long flights etc. It just means you don't end up listening to the same songs 2 or 3 times over.

    The touch is great also for the same reasons as the classic, with the added bonus of games, apps etc. Although the memory is slightly smaller...



    Why have you "succumbed to the propaganda/monopoly"... just don't buy one … Why have you "succumbed to the propaganda/monopoly"... just don't buy one if you don't want to. easy as that.Go buy a Creative Zen instead.


    Decide how much you need and how often you'll update what you're listening to.

    If you get a couple of new albums a week and like to listen to something fresh then you can probably get away with a 8 or 16 gb nano.

    If you want your entire music collection with you at all times then a Classic is probably the best option.

    If you want to surf the web and watch films then go for a Touch.

    If you want one for the gym then get a shuffle.


    Yes dear.

    Original Poster

    Fantastic, thank you all very much. It sounds like the classic might be the best option for me as I have lots of tunes and vids on my computer already and like to get more when I can.
    Don't like the sound of the shuffle or nano as I'm allergic to the gym but I do like cycling so i can fit a classic in my seat pouch.
    I don't like the sound of the iTouch as I'm with Orange mobile and they are releasing the iPhone soon and I'm due an upgrade, this (as I understand) is the same as iTouch but with 'phone' functionality...?
    Classic and sell my upgrade handset or iPhone without the classic :thinking:
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