can anyone tell me the best deal or cheapest place to pick up ipods


    Which ipod? The cheapest new one currently is the shuffle. i think John Lewis is about the cheapest at the moment.


    However it really depends on what you need your ipod for. Music, photos, videos, podcasts etc. Storage varies from 1GB to 80GB. Do you want flash or hard drive based( important if you go running).
    I currently have a 2GB ipod nano for running and a 30GB video for all my music/videos.
    if it is going to be for videos there are better portable video players available.

    Work out what you need it for and then decide which one fits your need.

    consider the [url][/url] deals - often with their points and other offers you can getthe price well down - 30 gig for under 139 when i got mine - don't forget to use [url][/url] and check for vouchers on this and other sites

    Try [url][/url]

    They sell the Ipod video 80 gig for 219.99

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    thanks everyone im looking for a basic 1gb nano and a 8gb nano
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