Ipos mori door survey?

Found 28th Feb
With all the scams you hear about these days it's hard not to be suspicious.. I had a guy claiming to work for iPos mori? at my door he was very very pushy and wanting me to do a survey on newspapers. Saying I'd been selected? Offering an £20 gift card I, i felt very pressured and ended up doing the survey ! Was annoyed with myself after. Is this legit ? He had an Id card but that doesn't mean much.
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Don’t be afraid to ask someone to leave your property and shut the door
Did you recieve your £20 gift card ?
You need to value your personal information & views more. What right does that terd have to that information.
contact the company, they will know for definite what's going on. you can contact them whilst the person is there. if they get nervous and don't comply, they could be using it as a cover to scope out which houses are empty when etc. call the police
keep your wits about you, don't divulge anything personal. google doorstep scam
SHUT THE DOOR - job done
Pushy person = someone I always ignore.
learn to say no and stand up to people.
I was annoyed for not just slamming the door in his face. He was on about how be needs to do this and is short of money etc...and that's why he's out in this freezing weather and had kept coming back . Basically this was the 4th time ,he'd been to our house a d wouldn't take a hint! It's bullying
Also they DO ask personal information. If you own or rent , age , what job you do , how old are your children. Email address, etc
landros112 h, 31 m ago

Did you recieve your £20 gift card ?

Yes but I'm sure it's invalid. I didn't do it for that it's because he was very pushy ,verging on aggressive. I only opened the bloody door as was waiting for an Amazon parcel !! Will never without seeing next time
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