ipost parcels (UK Mail) damage claim?

Found 11th Feb 2015
I sold a Philips airfryer on eBay and used ipostparcels.com (aka UK Mail) to send the item to the buyer. The item is broken in transit with the black plastic case smashed into bits. I paid for the postage via Paypal so I started a Paypal claim. Also contacted ipostparcels to file a damage claim, they asked me to send in photos. However, on the Paypal case, ipostparcels said I have to close the Paypal claim in order to proceed with the damage claim directly with them.

Has anyone had experience with this courier company? I don't want to close the Paypal claim and then have the company rejecting my damage claim too.
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Why would you open a PayPal case to claim compensation in the first place?

PayPal can only cover you for the funds which you have paid, so winning the PayPal dispute would just get you a refund on the postage paid, no compensation.

Proceed with the UK Mail claim and supply them with images as they have requested. It is odd that they require you to close the case in order to proceed though.
I think they are asking to close it as too many claims will effect their account with paypal
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