Anyone able to get on?

    Just getting

    IPT is Loading, please wait...


    Nope, just getting, "IPTORRENTS is loading" then Done message, may just be the server playing up, done it in the past.

    Original Poster

    Ok np. Thanks.

    Same here..........but i rarely use them so i hadn't noticed. lol

    Back up now:thumbsup:

    Original Poster


    Back up now:thumbsup:

    Yeah. Been uploading all day and my ratio still the same when logged in- 3.75, harsh lol

    Anyone got an invite for this please?

    On a related note, after all the fuss about The Pirate Bay, and the successful conviction, the website is still up and running? :giggle:


    Anyone got an invite for this please?

    Yep, but it takes ratio very seriously... what's yours like on other sites?
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