ipTorrents invite please!

Found 23rd Apr 2010
Hi, I would like to get into iptorrents and I need an invite code to become a member. I would really appreciate it if someone sent me one. I have given invites out in the past for private torrent sites and I keep a good ratio on 2 private torrent sites which I regularly use, demonoid and blackcats-games. I have seen others asking for invites in the Misc and thats why Im posting this thread here. Thanks in advance.

P.S. I have no problem helping anyone out with a demonoid invite.
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Hi, mistah, sorry I can't help ya with ipTorrents, but would it be too much if I asked you for an invite for Demon-oid. Do I hand over my email address or is it just some code that needs to be entered. Don't worry I have a good seed ratio. I always give what I take, so if I download 700mb I upload 700mb lol or more in some cases.
I wish i could help, im only a member of one site - TVTorrents. Do you need to be a member to use Demonoid?
PM me your email and I send you one:thumbsup:

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