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Found 10th May 2017
Hi guys, looking for some advice or pointers. I have a superhub 2 from virgin media, which I use as modem, i have this connected up to a tplink archer c9 v2 router. Problem I have is I cant connect to any iptv apps via my Sony bravia tv ( ss iptv or ottplayer) or my lg smart tv ( ssiptv or smart.tv). I have this problem whether I run my superhub in router mode or modem mode. Everything was working fine up until I had to move my router set up from one side of the room to the other. My TV upstairs runs via homeplugs plugged into the archer c9. The apps in question load up the iptv menus such as sly sports 1 etc but just wont connect.

I also can't connect to any iptv app through WiFi on my phone, though when I switch off the WiFi it connects through my 3 data and plays no problem. After 4 days of switching around putting vpn on etc it still wouldn't connect. I spoke to broadband team at virgin and they reassured me that nothing was being blocked there end, ip address etc. I then found a old belkin router so attached that to the modem and changed the output and type on my iptv line from m3u8 to mpeg.ts and suddenly it began to work, which made me think it was the ip address of the archer that was the problem.

To rule this out I left the lines as mpeg.ts and changed back to the archer c9, but not to my surprise the lines wouldn't connect again. Does any one have any ideas or advice on what I could do to work around this. I am not very clued up on router configurations and changing ip address etc etc. But this is diving me insane ps lines have been tested in friends apps and work fine.
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This might help but I'm no … This might help but I'm no experthttps://portforward.com/virgin-media/super-hub-2/

Hi m8 i done the port forwarding via the archer c9, still no joy. Though i downloaded a non paid iptv sub, loaded it and it works . So baffling me to be honest.

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Just wondering if the router/modem changed any of the network settings when you unplugged it (IP address and subnet mask etc)?

Might be worth looking into to make sure it's on the same one as before.
change everything to ddns and restart every device.

change everything to ddns and restart every device.

Done and its still the same m8
I have a very similar set up SuperDud3 and C9 Ver1 flashed with DDWRT.

In the C9 setting turn off the firewall does that help? or Get the IP of the TV and put it in DMZ

Its unlikely an IP clash but set the C9 to be SuperDud standard is even in modem only mode it will still have this IP so you cant connect to it and turn back to router mode.
Did you have any luck with this? I have the a super hub 2 in modem mode and a c9 router, just got a sub for madiptv. It works great on the smart iptv app on my Samsung tv, I have the riptv app on my iPad and phone, works great on them, but on my Apple TV 4 no joy, the playlist and epg load but the streams don't play
I have archer c9 v2, after software update i see new menu in router like IPTV ; IP-Phone.
Try make update, then advanced ->network-> IPTV
I changed the DNS on my router and now plays on all devices.
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
I have this firmware installed 4.0.0 Build 20160517 Rel. 63505
What's yours?
Mine is the C9 v1.0 firmware is version 4.1.0 build 20160517 rel 35411. That's the latest one Available. I'm using the smart dns service so that USA sites etc are unblocked, I have tried it with just the virgin dns codes and it's just the same
Try it with the DNS I posted.

Tried those dns settings and doesn't work. I listen tried plugging the Apple TV directly into the superhub Ethernet and that didn't work either. I tried enabling the iptv feature on the router and I don't get any internet connection at all with that
Have you tried the superhub in normal mode ? or maybe try a complete reset of the superhub 2 and the c2. Also, try the apple at a neighbours/friends house with their set up and see if you get the same problems, at least you can then rule out if it's the router / c2 or the apple.
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