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    Received from the Firebox News Letter, excellent product! Exclusive one day only offer!

    Sleeping is definitely one of lifes greatest pastimes. Just ask Garfield. But the best part of sleeping has to be dreaming. Where else can you experience the splendour of a tartan hippos picnic under the bright green sky of Salvador Dalis sausage allotment than in the land of dreams?

    Comfortable Headgear
    Okay, thats pretty random, but then dreams usually are. One night youre meeting Michael Jackson on the Planet Tharg, and the next youve inexplicably figured out how to fly before turning up at school naked. Yikes! Still, more often than not wed like to recall our dreams, and that can be infuriatingly tricky.

    Thats where the iREMember Dream Recorder comes in. This ultra sleek gadget wirelessly syncs to its accompanying headgear and automatically starts recording when you enter REM sleep. But how? It might seem a bit sci-fi but thanks to the super high density EEG electrode cluster, a previously unheard of amount of data can be monitored by the device. Amazing!…157


    Expires at mid-day?

    Original Poster

    Yeah, bit of a one off I think?


    This is old.

    Gerbil plays back his dreams about being a model, stockbrocker etc and posts them here quite regularly.
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