Iresa gas & Electricity providers. A bit of a problem

Found 23rd Jan
Just a warning note about these chumps.

Incapable of collecting DDs regularly so letting debt build up. Then chaos ensues as they try to milk your account without proper comms.

Those with large credit balances when they leave Iresa then report problems getting your cash back
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nothing new here, plenty of comments else where but they reeled you in with the cheap prices think they were about £150 cheaper than the next and we are always on the cheapest supplier, got to big to quickly and couldnt cope.
I’m with Iresa and never had a problem with them when changing over last April from Npower because they were a lot cheaper. however last week I was notified that my DD would be going up by £30 (obviously higher consumption over Xmas) I tried ringing them because I wanted to keep the DD the same as before but found myself no. 127 in the queue. After 25 minutes and now No. 87th in the queue I gave up just hoping next month they’ll reduce it back down
That was me for 18 months. Very happy. But when it fell apart, it fell apart big time. Their biggest mistake is not accepting debit card payments over the phone. If they did tat, i'd still be a customer

They wont reduce your DD back down until you have built a very substantial positive balance and if they go bust, you lose the credit. You might want to consider swapping provider before the credit balance builds.

In fairness, its a common problem for small suppliers who get the initial DD level wrong and fail to account for seasonal consumption. They have been stupid and are now paying the price
Thanks for the heads up about building up a credit balance. Will look at the possibility of moving to another provider in the next month or so
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