Irish Whiskey

    Does anybody on here know anything about irish whiskey?

    my boss is a big fan of irish whiskeys and hes leaving his job soon so I would like to get him a nice bottle - but not your usual Jamiesons etc

    Any advice on rarer decent whiskeys would be appreciated



    Bushmills Whiskey is what you want. There was an offer on here a few days ago for a bottle as well, very good price

    Get him a real whiskey The Macallan.:thumbsup:

    Busmills Single Malt is the business!

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    I was looking for something a bit more unusual than Bushmills to be honest

    yeah but bushmills have one that they keep specially for visitors, you can't get it in the shops, if you could get your hands on that

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    I would … I would recommend.]

    that looks like more like it thanks;-)

    yeah but that isn't irish

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    yeah but that isn't irish

    yeah I just relised that, ahwell back to the drawing board

    Has anybody used that thedrinkshop website before? is it legit?

    Stop wasting your time asking any more..this should help…key

    get him a bottle of tullamore dew....wonderful stuff

    I would recommend any of the connemara whiskeys, they are Ireland's only family run distillery so a little more unique but still fairly easy to find in shops

    The limited edition Bushmills 1608 (issued to commemorate 400 years of the Bushmills distillery) is absolutely lovely and is beautifully presented. It would make a wonderful gift.

    Mind you, it's not cheap at £56.65 including delivery here…654

    My Grandad would swear by Green Spot


    Bushmills all the way, if you know anyone from near bushmills (north coast) then you can get them to buy you a special 12-year old malt which they only sell at the factory. Get them to send you a few bottles of coleraine too, its quite cheap but one of my favourites, I think even better than standard Bushmills.
    If you have loads of cash try and find some Comber Whiskey, they haven't sold it for years but its a fantastic collectors item if you can get your hands on a bottle.
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