Iriver Clix 2, Any Good??

Found 21st Jun 2007
ive just seen the clix 2 for the first time and checked on fleabay and the 4gb version is a hundred quid and i thought i might aswell sell my nano and check it out. the reason for that is because the nano is too common and i like something that no one i know has got lol

so i was wonderin before i get it, has anyone got/had one of these? and what where your impressions?

heres a link to show you what it is first…757


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I've read a few reviews, seems to be the business, for example:…tml

Thinking about getting one but wish it was a little cheaper

If I could afford it I would get it. That or the new Sony.

I think there is a Mac Expo in a few weeks so it mght be worth waiting to see what Apple have up there sleeves before you part with £100+
woah i never thought i would get replies

yeh i have an ipod but i dont really like them anymore as they are too common, i like to be different lol and i never pull my nano out of my pocket (probably because i can control it in my pocket) lol

but il post here my impressions as ive ordered on from ebay and it should be ok, i just hope i can change track etc while the players in my pocket


well ive just received my clix 2 and ive gotta say it looks awesome

small, light, awesome screen too!

put my music on it and its louder than my nano which is good, sound quality is good too.

its got awesome video, fantastic themes and animated backgrounds!

certainly got the wow factor, but i need to find a case that looks nice and protects it, and theres only a few on fleabay

i can change the tracks while the player is in my pocket but sometimes it *clicks* by itself when im walking so i have to put my hand in my pocket and put it on hold.

most likely keeping it but il decide after a weeks usage

hope that helps

but i can definately recommend it so far, even though ive only had it for an hour or so!


I've added one to my birthday wishlist for next month - the other half may oblige! Best flash based player on the market at the moment.
It is the business mate, I've had the first gen and currently own the clix 2 and they are both superb. The sound quality is far better using one of these than an ipod "anything." It also supports flac and other lossless formats whereas the the nano only supports apple lossless audio, no flac or ogg vorbis. It's a winner whatever way you look at it just make sure you have some swanky phones to go with it for example the Shure se210's or SE102's at the budget end which can also be found on or a set of Sennheiser CX95 earphones like me. I bought them from advancedmp3players two days ago after seeing a deal on here to get them for £34.99 or something and I've gotta say they are awesome. So why not pick up both from there. I previously had a set of Shure SE210's and the clarity was amazing however the bass was somewhat lacking but these have a really nice balanced sound, clarity and bass response are spot on. Check em out. Hope I've been of help.
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