Irlens Syndrome (Visual Stress/Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome)?

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Found 28th Jan
Does anyone have any experience of this syndrome?

People with it wear tinted glasses or use overlays.

Wikipedia articles and scientific evidence both support and deny its existence, so is it a scam or what?

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I know two people that use tinted lenses to treat their symptoms.

I am sceptical about the benefit (or the original diagnosis) though.

If I was directly affected, then my view may be different, of course. Figuratively & literally!

I wear the glasses. it helps stop refractive light of certain colours on paper and computers. mine ate very dark it my eyes so relax more. they are different I. composition to tinted.or the way they redistribute the light. but they are very expensive. eBay has a company called.happy eyes which makes a cheap selection of limited colours which might be an In investment first. hope that helps

Not a scam at all. I've known people who have been helped immensely by coloured lenses/overlays/contact lenses.

having struggled through school the whole time my daughter was diagnosed with this in her final year by the learning support team. she was able to have her exam papers printed in blue which helped her immensely and she passed all her GCSEs with C's and above having been predicted D's and E's. Now at College they have installed a programme on her laptop to give her a blue background and she has an overlay for books etc... She says it stops all the letters looking wobbly to her and she had trouble distinguishing b and d, or p and q. it's massively increased her confidence academically, so if it helps why not?
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