Iron Maiden fans?

    I have just won a Dance of Death tour tshirt - ladies size M. It has the band name and tour name on the back with 8th September 2003 under it, Limited Edition number 521 on the sleeve and a baby in a bikini and mask riding a white dog on the chest. I'm not a fan and was thinking of ebaying it, but can't find mention of it anywhere online using Google and no completed listings on ebay. Is anyone familiar with the shirt? Is it worth keeping hold of? I know it's authentic because the competiton was with EMI. Thanks!


    should get £10.99 for it less ebay & paypal fees...good luck

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    Mr Weasle;6515459

    should get £10.99 for it less ebay & paypal fees...good luck

    Thanks, did you find a completed listing or is that fan knowledge? :thumbsup:

    ;-) no i didnt find a completed listing ..just going on what i used to sell promo t'shirts on the market for good luck
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