Iron Man T-Shirt from Play. Anyone have it and have a pic of the real thing?…tml

    I'm sure some of you have probably seen this shirt already. Its gorgeous and I want it but every single review makes it sound like a plain red t-shirt with a terrible print on the actual item you get, with it nowhere near covering like it does on Plays site (Sounds like a clear case of false advertising?).

    Just wondering if anyone here may have this shirt and has an opinion or even better, a picture of how it really looks?

    Thanks in advance.

    note: Not sure if this is the right section, I apologise if its not.


    I ordered one on Monday... If it's arrived by 3 I'll let you know!

    If by gorgeous you mean horrendously geeky then yes it is rather. To answer your question anyway the pic on play of the fella wearing it makes it look like a rubbish red t-shirt with a bad print.

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    Thanks s2Rocks.

    Gbspurs, it is a gorgeous geeky shirt then. But where is the pic of someone wearing it? I'm asking because theres no way I'm paying £12 and getting a red shirt with a tiny print on it. Its a shame they don't do a baby version for my nephew.

    An ideal t-shirt for repelling girls…tml

    Babe magnet:
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    Did not arrive yet.... I has a sad.

    You got one numptyj?


    You got one numptyj?

    lol no

    Looks naff

    That's the picture. Definately falls into the category of naff

    Looks like the sort of shirt that 30 something wrestling fans would wear. (when their undertaker shirt is in the wash)

    Or a ruined lazy Hallowe'en costume... Damn you Play and your slow as $&%$ delivery!

    @ darkwarrior,

    you can have mine if you want.someone brought it me and i dont want it.
    never been worn.think its xl or xxl. £7 its yours mate.

    Original Poster

    No thanks, XL and above would be huge on me, Im a medium at most. But thanks for hte offer.
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