Iron on labels

    Hi has anybody used any iron on labels that last more than a few washes ? any help please


    Ive given up with these tbh , tried a few different ones and dont last , especially on my two kids white polo tops for school , they only last 2 washes as i put them on a hot wash , so its either sew on ones ( whih is a pain in the butt ) or what i do now , get a good permenant marker and write the names on the labels inside ......either way anything like my two they still come home missing jumpers , pe kits etc ..X)

    I got my girls some from Ebay and they are still stuck a year later!! ( my girls don't grow much lol )

    Problem is you can see where the label has sucked itself onto the top on the otherside by the neck. No big deal though.

    I usually just write their name on tags though like shops, quicker and easier

    mine never stick in the first place let alone any washes LOL
    i bought a mini sharpie permanent marker and just write name on the label:)

    I get mine from ebay, only ones i find that stay on.

    arrgh! i have the same problem!

    yip mine have been on for almost a year now, from stuck on you, names are a bit faded from washing and tumble drying but you can still see them well enough

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    Thanks everyone you would think by now someone could have sorted this problem,marker pen it is then.
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