Sky News reporting on investigation into fake news.…288

    Pot, kettle etc.


    Is it that they found some truth in the lies they peddle?

    Nice., Sky commenting on the standard of journalism X).

    Not as bad as the BBC where Laura kuennsberg claims to be representing the British people when she asks politicians questions now, what a big headed clown she is.

    I'm not sure what is more concerning.
    1) That major news outlets are quick to report on something without verification
    2) People are beginning to believe the nearest news outlet or someone posting on Reddit or the likes without a second thought.

    Our local rag has started using forums as sources of news.
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    Our local rag has started using forums as sources of news.

    Jeez dont tell them about Misc.


    Jeez dont tell them about Misc.

    If I could navigate their site through the clickbait!
    The most recent one I recall was an article which was picked up from rumours made on a forum, that originated on a low key clickbait website. It was a beautiful full circle.
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