Ironing board needed!

Found 13th Sep 2008
Hi, looking for an ironing board, only for students, and have no idea how much these retail for so any good deals are appreciated!


just get a value one for about 6 quid in tesco


has your digs not got one?

can't you use a towel put over a table, this is how it was done in the old days????
You students have too much money these days

ironing board = £6 = ? pints

Ironing board?

Students don't iron! ;-)

Original Poster

LOL at the replies!

Black peppa- nope our digs doesn't, just that and an iron, we got an iron for £9 then saw one from Woolworths for £4 so was pretty disappointed!

On a Wednesday Carlsberg in the local is £1, so 6 pints!!!!!

Russ, we only iron when were going out, getting the board out in itself is enough of a chore

£6 at Tescos? Superb!

Students Ironing? Uni life's changed somewhat since I was there.
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