Irrelevant Party Leader Stops Leading Irrelevant Party

    Nick Griffin has stepped down as Chairman of the BNP.


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    Nick Grffins ' Highlights ' or rather ' Lowlights ' include:

    1) That BNP Youth video that showed terrifyingly brainwashed kids pledge allegiance to an ideal of Britishness that never existed while decrying gays, Zionists, bankers, media, immigration and Stephen Lawrence's mum.

    2) The time Griffin was reduced to eating roadkill and selling scrap metal to fund his party.

    3) When he said children will die if they are brought up in "homes which aren't married".

    4) Oh, and let's not forget the feeling of sympathy that failed to sweep the nation when Griffin was declared bankrupt.

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    Resulting in ' Cat Poop ' replacing ' Dog Poop ' as the new chairman is.............. Adam Walker !!!!!
    No cause for celebration then !! oO

    Yosser Hughes knocked back the vacancy.

    Good news as far as I can see, Walker is an even bigger idiot.

    A racist thug in a suit is still a racist thug
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