Posted 30th Dec 2022 (Posted 10 h, 25 m ago)
Hi hotukdealers

Does anyone else get irritating eyelashes? I've had it for a few weeks now where one of my eyelashes, specifically one on my right eye, keeps feeling like it's digging into my eye, even though it isn't.

I've been to Specsavers about it as recommended by my GP. They advised me there's nothing wrong with my eyelashes and if there was, they'd pull the eyelash out but as there's nothing wrong with them, they're not allowed to. They said they don't know what to suggest as eye drops wouldn't be used for eyelashes, they advised against using wet cotton wool or tissues to sooth the eyelash and suggested to just ignore it, which is easier said than done when it feels like it's digging into my eye 24/7

Has anyone else had this issue and if so, what helped fix it (if anything)?

Thank you in advance for any helpful comments
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    Have you had covid?

    My dad has just had to have surgery on his eyelids as they were inverting and the eyelashes irritating his eyes.
    the surgeon told him it was a known but strange complication that they were seeing in some people after they'd had covid.
    Have you looked up Blepharitis?
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    i would recommend getting eye drops for hayfever and use that. i find that when my eye becomes irritable and I can't work out what is the cause, I wash it with as much water as I can shove in there from my palm. then use the eye drops, which I have for hay fever, and that tends to solve the problem.

    i think there is something irritating your eye in the area from you eye lashes, which makes you think it is the eyelashes.
    Thank you
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    I had what must have been an ingrowing eyelash as I like you couldn’t see anything at all but my left eye hurt and was irritable as hell.

    My BIL who is a doctor advised me to apply heat to eye which I did 3 times a day for 3-4 days and now whatever it was has gone. He said if it was an ingrowing eyelash then the heat would help to soften any oils and that would help the body absorb it?
    Thank you. Not sure it's an ingrowing eyelash I have as I think it would've been found at Specsavers and it isn't preventing me from seeing things, apologies for any confusion in my discussion post regarding that (edited)
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    I get this I use blephasol on a cotton bud and rub it back and forth on my eye lashes. Eye open and get right into the lashes. I'm not convinced sometimes its maybe a stye that didn't quite make it but is there annoying me. Hot compress sometimes helps (edited)
    Thank you
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    Do you drink pop or eat junk food?
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    I get this regularly and usually find if I shine my phone torch close in a mirror and look very closely there's usually a short new light coloured lash growing curving down into the eye which is very difficult to see unless you look very carefully.
    I usually use my nail to wipe it out and bend upwards, sometimes it works sometimes I can't get rid of it
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