is 12mp camera good with optical zoom: 7 x

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Found 23rd Jun 2008


All depends on what make the camera is...

12mp isnt the the important thing as said before its dependant on the make and most importantly the quality of the lense. An eos 450d is good at 12 mp but a compact camera will be a bit more hit and miss because of the size.

nah its rubbish........

I'd try and get one with more optical zoom myself as it's the Optical zoom that matters where that's concerned. Min I'd go for is 10x optical zoom.

is it casio EX-V series?

if it is... its good i guess
but the highest is EX-V8 8.1 MP... i dunno if they already made the 12MP version yet


Ah I c... you meant Panasonic FX 100

thats much better then
it has a wide angle


Panasonic Lumix's are brilliant.
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